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downBEAT V.14

The 14th installment of the downBEAT podcast brought to you by dj Forensic. Focusing on dark electronic/industrial/darkwave tunes.

downBEAT – 004

The downBEAT – 004. Welcome back everyone! I am happy to bring you the fourth installment of the downBEAT. Specializing in Industrial/Darkwave/Alternative tunes you may not be able to hear elsewhere. Feel free to listen/download at your leisure. Feedback is always welcome! You can also email me at

Track list:

  1. Prosymna – Theme from Suspiria
  2. XP8 – Burning Down (Outro Mix by Cryogen Second)
  3. Freakangel – Porcelain Doll (Dawn of Ashes remix)
  4. Electro Spectre – Flaming Red
  5. Aesthetische – Less But More (To the Core remix)
  6. Spruke – All Is Dust (ft. Laura)
  7. De/Vision – Binary Soldier
  8. Birthday Massacre – Down
  9. In Strict Confidance – Archangel
  10. Dismantled – Whole Wide World *Pulling the Evil Taffy Selection*
  11. Enter and Fall – So Bye Bye
  12. Assemblage 23 – Crosstalk *Fucking Floor Filler Selection*
  13. Velvet Acid Christ – Christ Whore
  14. Dark Drive Clinic – Losing My Religion *Cover It Selection*
  15. KMFDM – Amnesia (Kapt’N K Mix)
  16. Santa Hates You – Scum
  17. X-Marks The Pedwalk – The Side of The Wrong
  18. Blaqk Audio – Deconstructing Gods

downBEAT – 003

Another month of killer tracks!!! This month I have a brand new track from the new Dead Can Dance album, some classic Sister Machine Gun and PIG, a new dubstep-ish remix of Marilyn Manson, an unreleased Uberbyte track, and lots of great stuff in between. Support the music and the scene at frequent events such as Rapture and Conspiracy in STL!! Check it out and leave comments!!!

Track list:

  1. Dead When I Found Her – Curtains
  2. Faderhead – Watching Over You (Ft. Daniel Myer)
  3. Pain Gauge – Regress
  4. Necro Facility – All That You Take
  5. Haujobb – Dead Market (Nomenklatur Remix)
  6. Suicide Inside – Say Yes
  7. Dead Can Dance – Opium
  8. Spektralized – Fire
  9. Uberbyte – Unknown
  10. Steelgrout – Let’s Talk About My Life
  11. Inure – Cold
  12. PIG – Volcano
  13. Chrom – Loneliness
  14. Sin D.N.A. – All Life Has Faded
  15. Gecko Sector – X Files of My Life
  16. Sister Machine Gun – Addiction (Mainline Remix)
  17. Cryo – Vengeance
  18. Marilyn Manson – Slo-Mo-Tion (Dirtyphonics Remix)

downBEAT – 002

downBEAT 002 broadcast is now available!! The second installment brought to you by dj Forensic to wet your appetite. The debut (unreleased at the time) of the new Delerium track “Monarch”. This episode also includes new releases by Suicide Commando, 16 volt, and Peter Heppner (Wolfsheim) as well as classics by the likes of Vast, Nitzer Ebb, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. We have a track each by Team Cybergeist and Cryogen Second, both excellent tracks and both bands coming to the Crack Fox in Saint Louis on Monday, August 20th!!! come check them out!!! Comments are welcome!!! Enjoy!!!


  1. Schwarzblut – Der Schwere Abend (Not english but damn good selection!)
  2. Vast – Winter In My Heart
  3. Skold – And Then We Die
  4. Collide – Razor Sharp
  5. 16 Volt – 2 Wires Thin
  6. Suicide Commando – Attention Whore
  7. Imperative Reaction – Side Effect
  8. Team Cybergeist – My Last Call
  9. Cryogen Second – Thirty Eight (ft. Sarah Chenoweth)
  10. Siouxsie and the Banshees – Cities of Dust (Eruption Mix)
  11. White Zombie – More Human Than Human (Big Black Delta Mix)
  12. Peter Heppner – I Won’t Give Up
  13. Depeche Mode – Walking In My Shoes
  14. Halo In Reverse – Acubens
  15. Delerium – Monarch (Pulling the Evil Taffy selection)
  16. Nitzer Ebb – Come Alive
  17. Aesthetic Perfection – She Drive Me Crazy
  18. Covenant – Beat The Noise
  19. Filter – Drug Boy

downBEAT – 001

If you missed it tonight, you can listen to or download the downBEAT broadcast at Enjoy and feedback is encouraged!!!