downBEAT – 003

Another month of killer tracks!!! This month I have a brand new track from the new Dead Can Dance album, some classic Sister Machine Gun and PIG, a new dubstep-ish remix of Marilyn Manson, an unreleased Uberbyte track, and lots of great stuff in between. Support the music and the scene at frequent events such as Rapture and Conspiracy in STL!! Check it out and leave comments!!!

Track list:

  1. Dead When I Found Her – Curtains
  2. Faderhead – Watching Over You (Ft. Daniel Myer)
  3. Pain Gauge – Regress
  4. Necro Facility – All That You Take
  5. Haujobb – Dead Market (Nomenklatur Remix)
  6. Suicide Inside – Say Yes
  7. Dead Can Dance – Opium
  8. Spektralized – Fire
  9. Uberbyte – Unknown
  10. Steelgrout – Let’s Talk About My Life
  11. Inure – Cold
  12. PIG – Volcano
  13. Chrom – Loneliness
  14. Sin D.N.A. – All Life Has Faded
  15. Gecko Sector – X Files of My Life
  16. Sister Machine Gun – Addiction (Mainline Remix)
  17. Cryo – Vengeance
  18. Marilyn Manson – Slo-Mo-Tion (Dirtyphonics Remix)

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